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Info about phytochemicals

Phytochemicals and Cardiovascular Disease - Gives definition of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are chemicals found in plants. Plant sterols, flavonoids and sulfur-containing compounds are three classes of micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables. These compounds may be important in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Within these phytochemicals are many compounds, most of which aren't well described and whose modes of action aren't established. As work continues on all these compounds, other unrecognized components in plants will be identified that may have promise in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease.

Producers and sellers of phytochemicals

Linnea - Linnea has a clear edge in meeting the ever-increasing demand for premium botanicals. Building on 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of plant extracts, Linnea guarantees complete quality assurance – a key distinction in a marketplace where quality is valued and demanded. Linnea has a comprehensive product list ranging from Bilberry to Zea Mays.

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