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MW: 282.34
Formula: C16H10O5

What is Damnacanthal?

Damnacanthal is an anthraquineone. Pure damnacanthal is a orange-yellow solid.


Damnacanthal is found in noni fruit.

Health Benefits of Damnacanthal

Damnacanthal is an inhibitor of the activity of certain tyrosine kinases. Kinases mediate the transduction and processing of extra- and intracellular signals and control the devission of cells. Kinases are involved in oncogenesis.
In vitro tests have shown that damnacanthal extracts from noni fruits have an inhibitory effect on the RAS genes. RAS genes encode a protein that controls the cell cycle and can lead to uncontrolled cell division. Other studies showed that damnacanthal had an anti-cancer on cancer cells implanted in the abdominal cavity.
Damnacanthal showed sedative effects in animal studies.
Damnacanthal have been shown to kill the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum and is also potent agent against leishmaniasis.



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