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Allicin and candida

Treatment of Candida infections often requires antifungals such as the azoles, but increased use of these drugs has resulted in development of resistance. Khodavandi of the University Putra Malaysia, demonstrated a synergistic effect between allicin and azoles in some of the Candida species. But further clinical tests need to be performed to support these findings [1]. In another study, Scientists from the Jilin University, China, found a synergistic effect of fluconazole and allicin against Candida albicans [2]. They used a checkerboard microdilution method to study the in vitro interaction of fluconazole and allicin in 24 fluconazole-resistant clinical isolates of Candida albicans. Synergism was observed in 23 strains using fractional inhibitory concentration index and in 22 strains using Delta E method.

A Chinese study found no antifungal effect of allicin but demonstrated that the phytochemicals significantly enhanced the effect of amphotericin B against Candida albicans in vitro and in vivo [3]. Amphotericin B is an antifungal drug for the treatment of the most severe invasive mycoses. They suggested that allicin mediated oxidative damage of the plasma membrane of Candida Albican may explain the synergistic interaction between allicin and amphotericin B. The study concluded that a combination of amphotericin B with allicin may prove to be a promising strategy for the therapy of disseminated candidiasis.

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